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San Juan Elopement in Telluride


A bride and groom at their wedding in the Telluride mountains.

Telluride is one of the most beautiful places in the country to get married hands down! This elopement was one of the fastest bookings I had ever had the opportunity to take. K + C came to me four days before their elopement was to take place! They were flying in from Texas that coming week and needed a photographer to capture their special day. Our schedules lined up and we made plans to meet right before the small ceremony.

The ceremony took place right outside Telluride's town park. On the banks of the San Miguel river K + C said their vows. It was a beautiful bluebird day in Colorado. We couldn't have asked for better weather.


The love these two shared was really incredible to witness. Everyone a part of the small ceremony could feel it in the air. As a photographer you dream of couples like K + C. They didn't require any posing prompts as their love showed in every photograph I captured.


After the ceremony we hopped on Telluride's gondola system. We were on our way to the top of the angle station, where you can access some really breathtaking views, without requiring any real physical effort at all. Of course I had to snap a photo in the gondola cabin!

We concluded our shoot looking out towards the famous Wilson peak, known for its likeness to the peak shown on the "Coors can". Wilson peak is an icon of the area. It sits in an almost symmetrical way that you can't help but photograph its majestic beauty. Combined epic peaks with true love and you get photographs that last a lifetime.

K + C

(Pro Tip- Wilson peak can best be viewed from the top of the gondola. Grab a Coors and a blanket before sunset and find a nice spot to enjoy both!)

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