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D u s t i n  M i l e s  C r e a t i v e

About me

I'm Dustin-
Photographer & Videographer 
focused on capturing connection in real-time.

I'm happiest adventuring in the mountains right outside my back door. You can find me running trails with my dog Evelyn, riding my bike on the Colorado trail or climbing in the many high alpine settings here in the mountains. Get to know me and my why here.

I've lived in the San Juan Mountains for 13 years. Being this close to the mountains has given me a unique outlook on life. One that leans into adventure and adrenaline.  On the other hand, I ground myself through a daily yoga practice that has become a life-long journey. I've found that movement of any kind will open up opportunity in life.


I whole heartedly believe in taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Putting yourself first will enable everything else in life to fall into place as it should.

Thank you for trusting in me.

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